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Oral Sedation in Everett, WA

Sedation Dentistry At All Smiles Northwest

Thanks to oral conscious sedation dentistry the All Smiles Northwest dentistry team can complete years of treatment in just a couple of visits. Most oral conscious sedation patients nap through their appointments and leave feeling healthy and relaxed.

The oral sedation process always begins with a one-on-one consultation with Dr. Michelle Steinhubel. During the consultation, you will discuss your dental health history, treatment needs and any concerns you may have. After your consultation, a member of our care team performs an initial exam for diagnostic purposes.

We schedule a separate oral conscious sedation visit with you. Before your visit, Dr. Steinhubel will prescribe appropriate medication in pill form that you take in advance of treatment.

During your treatment visit we make sure you are relaxed and resting comfortably. Once treatment is complete, we stay with you until you are alert and ready to go home. A companion will need to drive you to and from your visit and be available after your appointment to help you rest.

Dr. Michelle Steinhubel and the team at All Smiles NW want you to leave our office feeling great about your smile. Dial (425) 252-9333 to schedule your appointment or to learn more about our sedation dentistry options.

What Is Oral Sedation? How Does It Work?

Oral sedation or sedation dentistry utilizes medications to help patients relax during dental procedures. Also known as “sleep dentistry,” in most cases, patients are awake, but in a very calm state that not only quiets any anxiety they feel, and anesthetic used numbs any pain they might experience.

Do You Feel Pain With Oral Sedation?

Studies show that 58% of respondents reported having moderate to extreme anxiety in the days leading up to a dental procedure. The primary source of this fear is the possible pain the patient may feel during the treatment. Our oral sedation technique allows for minimal discomfort to be felt and the feelings of anxiety to lessen.

How Long Does Oral Sedation Last?

The sedation length depends on how strong sedation is needed.   Nitrous oxide will wear off within a few minutes after the procedure allowing the patient to drive themselves home.   A mild to moderate sedation will take a couple hours to wear off and requires someone to drive you home.  Most patients sleep it off when they get home.

What Types Of Oral Sedation Are Available?

Nitrous oxide (or laughing gas) is one of the lightest sedations available, followed by medications that can be taken up to the night before an oral procedure—these oral medications can make you feel immensely relaxed yet you are conscious during the treatment.

What Are The Side Effects Of Dental Sedation?

While oral sedation is generally considered safe under professional use, there are some slight side-effects you may experience. These include:

These effects will typically dissipate over an hour or so, but if you experience them for more extended periods, it’s best to contact us for further information.

When Is Oral Sedation Especially Helpful?

Oral sedation can be incredibly helpful for patients who experience serious anxiety when visiting a dentist or have an upcoming dental procedure. Oral sedation can not only ensure you feel at ease and feel no discomfort throughout the treatment, but it can help future visits to your dentist feel less stress-filled. Contact us today for an oral sedation consultation.

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