Effective Gum Grafts in Everett, WA

If you’ve experienced receding gum lines or periodontal disease, our signature gum graft procedure may be an excellent treatment option. Our team of licensed and board-certified periodontists can diagnose your oral health and give you a clear idea if gum grafting is right for you. We have years of experience providing quality oral surgery, periodontal treatments, and gum restoration procedures and we’re skilled at making sure your mouth stays healthy. We also offer a full range of cosmetic dentistry options and preventative dentistry treatments for patients of all ages. Contact our Everett, WA, office today to schedule an appointment.


What are gum grafts?

Your gums should completely cover the roots of your teeth. If your gums begin to recede, exposing the roots, it leaves gaps that bacteria can thrive in. This doesn’t just lead to tooth decay—over time, it can lead to tooth loss. A gum graft entails taking a piece of tissue from another part of your body, most often the roof of the mouth, and surgically attaching it to the affected area of your gums to cover the exposed tooth root. The grafting procedure can be repeated for any of your teeth that have been affected by receding gums. At All Smiles Northwest, we offer three variations of this grafting process. Connective-tissue grafts involve removing some connective tissue, called subepithelial connective tissue, from your palate and stitching it to surround the exposed tooth root. Free Gingival grafts also involve using tissue just under the roof of your mouth and is an ideal solution for patients who need their gums enlarged. Pedicle grafts involve using a thin flap of skin, called a pedicle, from an existing gum and is used to protect an exposed root. This can only be done on patients whose existing gums have a good amount of tissue near the tooth. We’re happy to go over your gum graft options with you and answer all of your questions. Schedule an initial consultation now.


Are you a candidate for gum grafting?

Generally, smokers, teeth grinders, and older people are the primary candidates for gum surgery; but if you suffer from receding gums or an exposed tooth root, no matter your situation, you’re eligible for a gum graft. While the majority of gum grafts remove a small amount of tissue from the roof of your mouth, some patients may be eligible for a Pedicle graft if they already have a fair amount of gum tissue near the exposed root. At All Smiles Northwest, we specialize in gum and dental bone grafting, oral surgery, and expert periodontal care. We can diagnose and resolve your dental issues quickly and painlessly, and we’ll strive to ensure your smile is protected. Contact us today for more information.


Restore your receding gum line

If you’re in need of treatment for your receding gums, you can find the qualified care you deserve at All Smiles Northwest. Dr. Oh, our board-certified periodontist, performs all regenerative tissue procedures at our office. The benefits of gum grafting include:

  • Preventing additional gum recession
  • Preventing plaque buildup on your teeth roots
  • Reduced tooth sensitivity
  • Improved appearance of your smile

Whether you’ve noticed a receding gum line due to illness, injury, or years’ worth of wear, we can effectively restore your smile and ensure your teeth and gumline are healthy and natural looking. Find out more about our comprehensive periodontal services by contacting us today.

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