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Signature Gum Grafting Techniques at All Smiles Northwest

Realize The Benefits Of Effective Gum Grafts In Everett, WA

Receding gum lines and periodontal disease can expose the roots of your teeth and leave gaps in which bacteria can thrive. These bacteria can cause your teeth to decay and eventually lead to tooth loss. Our staff of licensed and board-certified periodontists at All Smiles Northwest in Everett, WA can diagnose your oral health and help you decide if gum grafting is an appropriate course of action for you. A gum graft involves surgically attaching a piece of tissue from elsewhere on your body, typically the roof of your mouth, to the affected area of your gums to cover your exposed tooth root or roots. Our staff, led by board-certified periodontist Dr. Oh, has years of experience with periodontal treatments and gum restoration procedures. Contact our family dentist in Everett, WA today to schedule an appointment regarding your gums or our signature gum grafting techniques.

What Are The Benefits Of Gum Grafting?

Receding gum lines and exposed roots can foster bacteria in your mouth, causing health problems that include tooth decay and loss. A successful gum graft will arrest this decay and improve your oral health. Among the overall benefits of receiving a gum graft at Everett’s All Smiles Northwest are:

Why Would Someone Need A Gum Graft?

When your gums recede, your mouth is at a greater risk for disease and decay. As a result of exposed roots, you may have tooth sensitivity, tooth decay, or even tooth and bone loss, among other complications. Having our periodontal team at All Smiles Northwest perform a gum graft can prevent this decay, protect your oral health, minimize the sensitivity in your teeth, and help you eat more comfortably and with a reduced risk of acquiring a bacterial infection. Even if you have a relatively healthy mouth, gum grafts can be done for cosmetic reasons, improving the appearance of your smile.

What Happens During A Gum Graft Procedure?

During a gum graft procedure at our office in Everett, WA, your periodontist will remove a piece of tissue from another part of your body, most often your palate, and use it to cover the roots of one or multiple teeth. Each procedure is individualized, so your dental specialists will choose the scope of your gum graft in such a way that most benefits the look and feel of your gums.

What Are The Different Types Of Gum Grafts?

The staff at All Smiles Northwest is proficient in each of the three common variations of the gum grafting procedure, which include:

How Do You Prepare For A Gum Graft?

There is minimal preparation for a gum graft procedure. However, you should plan your meals for the week or two following surgery with the understanding that you will have a wound in your mouth. It is ideal to have soft foods on hand to make it easier to chew and eat. Additionally, you will receive pain medication for the procedure, so you will need to arrange for someone to drive you to and from our family dentist office in Everett, WA.

Is A Gum Graft At All Smiles Northwest Painful?

Your periodontist at All Smiles Northwest will provide you with a numbing agent during the surgery to eliminate any pain. However, you will notice some aches and swelling after the effects of local anesthesia have subsided. You may be prescribed pain medication to help manage your discomfort in the days following surgery. To minimize any additional pain, you should avoid physical activities for at least 24 hours; stay away from hot foods and drinks for a couple of days; avoid brushing and rinsing the area soon after surgery; and resist the urge to pull your lips to view the wound.

How Long Does It Take For A Gum Graft To Heal?

It should take only one to two weeks for your mouth to heal fully after a gum graft procedure in our Everett, WA office. However, most patients can return to work or a regular routine the day after surgery. It is important to schedule a follow-up appointment with us at All Smiles Northwest roughly a week after the procedure to make sure your mouth is healing properly and the graft was successful.

Am I A Candidate For Gum Grafting?

The primary candidates for gum grafts are typically smokers, teeth grinders, and older individuals. But you are eligible for the procedure if you have receding gums or an exposed tooth root regardless of the circumstances. Our team at All Smiles Northwest specializes in gum grafting and periodontal care, so we can expertly diagnose your situation and suggest a solution that will improve the health and appearance of your smile. If you have noticed a receding gum line, call our family dentist in Everett, WA today to schedule a consultation and learn more about our comprehensive periodontal services.

Whether you’ve noticed a receding gum line due to illness, injury, or years’ worth of wear, we can effectively restore your smile and ensure your teeth and gumline are healthy and natural looking. Find out more about our comprehensive periodontal services by contacting us today.

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