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Due to recent technological advances in the field of dentistry, laser dentistry can now be used to perform a variety of dental procedures. At All Smiles Northwest, we strive to be at the forefront of all dentistry services, including advanced laser dentistry for our Everett, WA patients. Our staff is highly trained and skilled at laser dentistry, so you can rest assured and trust us with your smile. Dental lasers have revolutionized everything from teeth whitening and periodontal treatments to minimally-invasive surgical procedures. Lasers allow our dentists to target problem areas in the mouth more precisely without affecting any of the surrounding healthy tissue, resulting in safer, more comfortable, and more effective treatment for our patients on average. We always encourage both new and existing patients to reach out to us for more information about what we can provide thanks to laser dentistry. We’re confident you’ll be amazed by the brilliant results provided at our experienced dental practice!

Laser Dentistry Offers Many Benefits for Our Patients

Advanced laser dentistry is considered a win-win scenario for both dentists and patients in the modern era. Dental lasers offer minimal risks to patients as long as you’re in the hands of a qualified dental professional such as All Smiles Northwest. Laser dentistry has numerous benefits for you to consider when seeking dental treatments, including all of the following:

  • Stitches may not be required when laser dentistry is performed
  • Some procedures do not require anesthesia
  • Bleeding is minimized for patient comfort and safety
  • Damage to surrounding healthy tissue is minimized
  • Wounds can heal faster for less downtime and recovery on average
  • Bacterial infections can be minimized since the high-energy beam used sterilizes the area

What Types of Dental Procedures Can Utilize Laser Dentistry?

Dental lasers have been used to treat various conditions since the mid-1990s. If you’ve experienced significant tooth decay and need a dental filling, lasers are often used to remove the decayed area without damaging the surrounding healthy enamel. Lasers also help our dentists reshape gums and remove harmful bacteria during root canals and other periodontal procedures for patients with advanced gum disease. Many dentists prefer the use of lasers in teeth whitening procedures because they help speed up the whitening process by acting as a heat source that activates the whitening agents.

Lasers make it possible to treat hypersensitive teeth and “gummy smiles,” as well as allow for more comfortable restorative treatments, including crown lengthening procedures. Finally, advanced laser dentistry is commonly used in surgical procedures to make them less invasive for patients. These surgical procedures can range from the removal of oral lesions (canker sores) and benign tumors to soft tissue fold caused by ill-fitting dentures. Lasers help reduce pain, inflammation, swelling, and bleeding, making them a popular choice among most dental patients today!

Learn More About Our Advanced Laser Dentistry Services

Only certain dentists in the Everett area can provide advanced laser dentistry procedures, including our dentists at All Smiles Northwest. We’re passionate about keeping our patients’ smiles healthy and beautiful through various state-of-the-art dental procedures. Providing dental services for patients of all ages, our family-friendly practice makes it easy to schedule all of your family’s dental needs in a single visit. We offer affordable discount dental plans and accept most insurance plans, including Delta Dental, Cigna, and Washington Dental Service (WDS) for your convenience. If you’d like to learn more about our laser dentistry services, call us today and speak with a member of our staff!


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