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Digital Dental X-Rays in Everett, WA

Digital Dental X-Rays At All Smiles Northwest

Digital x-rays are used in the dental profession to help detect various types of dental disease, many of which cannot be seen by the naked eye during routine exams. The type of digital x-rays we use at All Smiles Northwest utilize electronic sensors instead of conventional x-ray film. This reduces the amount of radiation by approximately 80-90% compared to traditional dental x-rays, which already had a low exposure rate for patients’ safety. Providing digital dental x-rays in our Everett, WA dental office is just one of the many ways we go above and beyond to make our patients feel safe and comfortable. Our family-friendly dental practice believes in the importance of preventative care and education. Routine cleanings, exams, and dental x-rays are your best defense against cavities, gum disease, and illnesses. If you’re due for x-rays, please contact us today to schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience.

What Are The Benefits Of Utilizing Digital Dental X-Rays?

Besides the obvious benefit of less exposure to radiation, digital x-rays offer numerous advantages to both our dentists and our patients. No longer do we have to wait for a staff member to process the x-rays using a chemical solution. Digital x-rays offer a more environmentally-friendly option and allow us to view the images immediately without any delay. Because we’re able to view the digital images on a computer screen, we’re also able to see things with more clarity than ever before. We can enhance the images on our screen for more accurate diagnoses.  We can also make electronic copies or prints of your digital x-rays to help process your dental insurance claims faster. Now that’s something to smile about!

What Types Of Conditions Do Dental X-Rays Diagnose?

The earlier you get dental issues diagnosed, the sooner you can begin effective treatment at All Smiles Northwest. Digital dental x-rays can help diagnose all of the following oral conditions and more:

The Comfort And Safety Of Digital Dental X-Rays

Although digital dental x-rays produce a significantly lower level of radiation compared to conventional x-rays, our dentists still take precautions for our patients’ comfort and safety. We only perform x-rays when they’re necessary, and we use lead apron shields to protect the rest of the patient’s body from exposure. Because digital x-rays take less time to capture images, this results in less time spent at our office and a more comfortable patient experience overall. You no longer have to dread visiting the dentist for routine exams, cleanings, and x-rays. All Smiles Northwest is dedicated to making your visit pleasant and stress-free. Our Everett dental practice offers general, cosmetic, and emergency dentistry for patients of all ages. Open convenient hours, we offer same-day appointments whenever possible. Browse our testimonials to see what our patients have said about the quality of our dental care. We look forward to welcoming you and your family into our growing family of satisfied patients!

Schedule Your Next Dental Appointment At All Smiles Northwest

If you haven’t had a digital dental x-ray performed recently, it’s imperative you visit All Smiles Northwest as soon as possible to ensure your optimum level of oral health. We accept most insurance plans, including Washington Dental Service (WDS), Cigna, Delta Dental, and MetLife. We know many of our patients struggle to pay out-of-pocket expenses for their dental care. Have you heard about our partnership with Quality Dental Plan? All preventative care, including your digital x-rays, is covered under this unique dental savings plan offered to both new and existing patients at our practice. QDP members also enjoy savings on many restorative procedures, including fillings, crowns, or dental implants. Contact us today for more details or to schedule your next dental appointment!

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