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Family Dentistry Services in Everett, WA

Let All Smiles Northwest Solve Your Family’s Dental Issues

At All Smiles Northwest in Everett, WA, Dr. Michelle Steinhubel and her experienced dental team aims to make dental care fun. We recognize that many people dread visiting a family dentist, but that does not have to be the case. We combine high-quality dental care with a welcoming atmosphere to provide an excellent overall experience that will encourage you to return regularly for checkups. You will enjoy yourself and maintain a healthy smile at the same time.

We Provide Dentistry Services For The Whole Family

The family dentistry services we offer at Everett’s All Smiles Northwest in Everett, WA, will ensure that each member of your household has a healthy, clean smile. Children should visit a family dentist by the time they reach the age of two, so bring your youngster along for your teeth cleaning and get him or her started on a routine that will lead to a lifetime of pearly whites. Our full-service dental office accepts most dental insurance plans, including Cigna, Delta Dental, and Regence.

We offer family dental appointments so that you can take care of each person’s needs during a single visit. We can examine the teeth and gums of your young children to make sure they are healthy; discuss oral hygiene, braces, and wisdom teeth removal with your teenagers; and provide cleaning and maintenance services for the adults in the family all in the same afternoon. Read below for answers to some of the family dentistry questions we have received throughout more than 15 years of family dental practice.

All Smiles Northwest is an exceptional family dentistry office because:

Are Baby Teeth Important To My Child?

Yes. Baby teeth are essential to your child’s health and development. Your child’s 20 primary teeth will help him or her chew, smile, and speak. Equally as important, they occupy space in the jaws for the permanent teeth that are growing beneath your child’s gums. If a baby tooth is lost or unhealthy, it can cause permanent teeth to shift into its spot, which may lead to overcrowding and spacing issues. Keeping baby teeth healthy will help protect your child’s smile for many years to come.

What Should I Do If My Child Has A Toothache?

You should contact All Smiles Northwest, your family dentist in Everett, WA to schedule an appointment if your child is experiencing tooth pain or discomfort. Having your child rinse his or her mouth with saltwater and applying a cold compress to the outside of the cheek near the sore area will help alleviate the pain until you can get to our office for treatment. Once you arrive, we will help determine a proper diagnosis and treatment plan based on whether the pain is consistent or only during chewing; if the tooth is sensitive to hot or cold temperatures; if it is chipped or broken; and if there are any accompanying symptoms such as a fever or fatigue.

How Do I Make My Child’s Diet Safe For His Or Her Teeth?

You do not have to overthink this one. Foods that are healthy for your child’s growth and development will also be healthy for his or her teeth. Coincidentally, they are many of the same foods that you eat as part of a well-balanced diet. Foods that are good for oral health include apples, carrots, celery, broccoli and other leafy green vegetables, dairy products, nuts, and eggs. Citrus fruits and juices should be eaten in moderation because the acid can erode tooth enamel. And, as would be expected, it is best to avoid sugary drinks and chewy candy.

How Can I Help Cultivate Healthy Oral Hygiene Habits?

Encourage your child to brush his or her teeth. You can make this fun by joining along and helping develop a routine that will last through adulthood. There are plenty of amusing designs for toothbrushes and flavors of toothpaste that can help kids get excited about brushing. For children aged three to six, it is safe to use a pea-sized amount of fluoride toothpaste. Once your child’s teeth begin to touch, you can introduce flossing to keep gums healthy. We can discuss proper brushing and flossing techniques with you so that you can monitor your child’s oral hygiene practices at home.

How Often Should My Child Visit All Smiles Northwest?

You should bring your child to see us at All Smiles Northwest in Everett for his or her first oral exam as soon as the first tooth appears, usually around the first birthday. From then, checkups at least every six months are advised to help prevent cavities and other issues.

How Can I Ease My Child’s Fears About Visiting The Dentist?

Beginning a routine of biannual dental visits at a young age will help allay any fears that may develop. But if there are concerns, be calming and supportive. Once you arrive at our office, we will keep things light and fun so that your child will be calm and eager to return.

What If My Child Has A Dental Emergency?

As your trusted family dentist in Everett, WA, we are committed to helping you deal with any dental emergency that should arise. Such emergencies may include a chipped tooth, a tooth being knocked out, or even a toothache in some instances. Call us as soon as something happens so that we can discuss an appropriate course of action. Be sure that you remain calm so that your son or daughter does not have added stress. We will be happy to see your child immediately to diagnose the issue and begin a treatment plan.

Ensure everyone in your family has a healthy smile and optimum oral hygiene by bringing them to our Everett dentist. We have more than 15 years of dentistry experience and strive to make your visit as easy and as quick as possible. Contact our front desk by dialing (425) 252-9333 to schedule an appointment.

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