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Dental Fillings ~ All SmilesDo you have a damaged tooth? Depending on the severity of said damage, you may be able to obtain a dental filling and restore your tooth’s functionality and appearance. Dental fillings are a method used to restore a tooth that has sustained damage due to decay. When a filling is completed, it can prevent any future bacteria from entering your tooth so further decay can be avoided. At All Smiles Northwest, we provide composite fillings for our patients.

We choose composite fillings because:

  • They are designed to match your teeth
  • Provide a natural appearance
  • They can last two years

We can determine if you need a filling during our routine exam and x-ray service. If a filling is required, our team can schedule and perform said filling as quickly as possible so your mouth can be restored in a timely manner. To schedule a dental exam or filling service, please call us at (425) 252-9333 today!

What is a Dental Filling?

A dental filling procedure involves a two-step treatment that first removes decay from your tooth enamel and tooth interior before applying an adhesive dental amalgam (usually a composite material or metal) to the excavated area. This procedure stops the decay of the tooth and seals it from further corrosion. This procedure will typically start with local anesthesia so you’ll feel no discomfort during the process.

When is a Dental Filling Required?

A dental filling may be required if cavities have formed in your teeth or if you have experienced a broken tooth due to an injury. A filling will help stop any infection from growing and can rebuild the natural structure of your teeth.

What Materials Can Dental Fillings Be Made Of?

Dental fillings can be made from various materials including a hygienic amalgam, silver, gold, or non-metal composite material. Feel free to contact us about which available dental filling material would be a good choice for you.

How Do I Take Care of My Dental Fillings?

Dental fillings become bonded to your teeth for long periods of time, so it’s best to maintain them as you would maintain your natural teeth. This maintenance includes regular brushing and flossing in, on, and around the filling as well as annual dental exams to ensure the filling stays secured in place.

What Happens After My Dental Filling Procedure is Complete?

After a dental filling, you’ll feel any anesthesia wear off within one to three hours. You may experience some tenderness around the tooth and gums that received the filling, but this is entirely normal, and the sensitivity should dissipate after a few days. This area of your mouth may also feel sensitive to hot or cold for a short period of time. Call us now if you’d like more information.

Is There Any Pain Associated With Getting a Filling?

We strive to ensure our patients feel no discomfort when receiving a dental filling. Before the process, we’ll apply a topical numbing agent to your gums before injecting a small amount of anesthetic to the jaw area where the filling will occur. This will ensure you feel no pain whatsoever throughout the treatment. We can also offer oral sedation before the procedure if you feel any anxiety.

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Your smile is one of the first things others notice about you; a beautiful smile is an amazing asset that will help you make a great first impression throughout the years. At All Smiles Northwest, we know the importance of feeling good about your smile and your appearance—that’s why we are pleased to offer gentle dentistry using state-of-the-art techniques and treatment options to provide top-quality dental care for your entire family. You can reach us by phone at (425) 367-0656 to schedule an appointment with your dentist today.


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