What to Know About Bruxism Mouth Guards & Dental Veneers

Bruxism Mouth Guards & Dental Veneers in Everett, WA

Grinding your teeth isn’t just bad for your oral health. It also contributes to aches and pains that can distract you throughout your day and lower your quality of life. It’s an even bigger problem if you have dental restorations, so it’s worth seeing your dentist to learn about treatment options. Mouth guards can protect your natural teeth as well as prosthetics like dental veneers in Everett, WA, and they can be custom made to fit your teeth. Keep reading and learn what you should know about bruxism mouth guards and dental veneers.

You might notice yourself clenching your teeth when you’re involved in a stressful situation, like when you’re frustrated or in the midst of a close game. Teeth grinding can even happen in your sleep, so you might not even realize when it happens. This is bad for your natural teeth, can cause headaches, and won’t do your restorations any favors. If you have bruxism and dental veneers, you might want a mouth guard. A mouth guard reduces the damage done by grinding your teeth, extending the life of your veneers. Ask your dentist about a mouth guard and practice stress reduction techniques to protect your veneers.

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