Getting a Handle on Halitosis

Getting a Handle on Halitosis

People who are unhappy with their smiles often look to cosmetic dentistry in Everett, WA for treatments that can restore their confidence. Teeth whitening, dental implants, and veneers can all improve your smile, but they won’t do anything about your breath. If you suffer from halitosis, or chronic bad breath, you might still have trouble being confident in social settings. If you have been letting bad breath hold back your self-esteem, consult your dentist and read on to learn how to get a handle on halitosis. bad - breath

What It Means

Halitosis is a medical word that essentially means bad breath. However, not every instance of bad breath indicates halitosis, as you can expect lingering odors after finishing a side of garlic knots. If you have halitosis, you may have bad breath for no apparent reason. This can take its toll on your confidence, and your breath might cause you to face away from the people you’re talking to so they don’t smell the aroma. There are ways you can treat halitosis, but first you should find out why you have it.

Where It Comes From

Poor dental hygiene is one obvious reason for bad breath, because all of the bacteria, acids, and food debris in your mouth will continue to smell until you remove them. Cavities and gum disease pockets give bacteria plenty of places to hide, so they can continue to do their damage. There are other causes of halitosis, as well. Dry mouth is a common side effect of a variety of medications that lessens your saliva production, which means you won’t be able to flush bacteria and food particles out of your mouth. Kidney disease, sinus infections, and diabetes are all risk factors to look out for.

What You Can Do

Dealing with halitosis can change your life, so don’t wait to talk to your dentist. Once you know the cause of the problem, you can make changes. Take care of oral health issues and medical conditions, quit smoking, and pay closer attention to your oral health to reduce your risk for halitosis.

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