Common Causes of Tooth Loss

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Tooth loss is an issue that people don’t always take seriously enough. It can affect your oral health, the shape of your face, and in turn, the way you feel about yourself. Although dental implants in Everett, WA can replace any that have been knocked out or removed, most people prefer to keep their natural teeth. Tooth loss can happen due to negligence, accidents and collisions, and illnesses that aren’t yet under control. Continue reading and dive into the common causes of tooth loss. missing - tooth

Gum Disease

Your gums are just as important to your oral health as your teeth. Gum disease starts off as gingivitis, which is a reversible problem. The gums become red and inflamed and might bleed when brushing, as plaque builds up beneath the gum line. As gingivitis progresses and your gums start to recede, you get one step closer to periodontitis and tooth loss. Older adults who use tobacco experience a higher risk for gum disease, which means a higher risk for tooth loss as well. Address gum disease quickly so you can preserve your gums and remain a good candidate for dental implants.

Facial Trauma

Trauma is not something you can usually plan for, but it is still a common cause of tooth loss. Athletes who play contact sports should be especially concerned with protecting themselves against facial traumas. Sports like football, ice hockey, and mixed martial arts all involve a significant amount of contact. If you play one of these sports, talk to your dentist about a mouth guard to keep your teeth intact. Some unlucky people lose teeth because of accidental traumas like falling down. If you do lose a tooth, talk to your dentist about using dental implants to replace it.

Medical Conditions

Tooth loss is also associated with many seemingly unrelated health conditions. Many people are unaware of the many links between oral health and overall health, so they underestimate the importance of seeing the dentist. Diabetes, high blood pressure, and rheumatoid arthritis are all linked to oral health issues and tooth loss.

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