It’s Time for a Custom Sports Mouth Guard from All Smiles Northwest!

Custom Sports Mouth Guard from All Smiles Northwest

Playing sports helps to keep you healthy, and it can be a fulfilling way to spend your time and even a potential career path. You still need to think about your oral health, however, which is why you should ask your dentist in Everett, WA about a custom sports mouth guard. These oral appliances are especially helpful when it comes to contact sports, and they can protect your teeth as well as other people involved in the game. Your dentist will make you a custom mold, so you can trust that your mouth guard will be comfortable and effective. Read on and see if it’s time for a custom sports mouth guard from All Smiles Northwest . mouth - guard

Contact Sports

Playing sports like football, wrestling, and hockey is a healthy way to stay in shape both physically and mentally. There are some dangers associated with sports like these, however, but a custom sports mouth guard can reduce some risks. Your dentist can fit you for a mouth guard that protects your teeth during collisions and falls. Even if you play a sport like basketball or tennis that tends to be less physical than other contact sports, a mouth guard can be an essential piece of equipment.

Tooth Protection

Your custom sports mouth guard is specifically designed to protect your teeth. This can help you avoid trips to the dentist to fix broken or damaged teeth because of an injury. Although many people ask their dentists about custom mouth guards so they can stay safe during their sporting events, mouth guards can help in other situations as well. Some people suffer from bruxism and don’t even realize it because they grind their teeth in their sleep, but a mouth guard can help.

Custom Fit

A mouth guard can be distracting if it’s uncomfortable, but the one you get from your dentist should be fit for your needs. When you work with the team at All Smiles Northwest, you can trust that your mouth guard will fit perfectly.

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