Quit Smoking to Help Ensure Dental Implant Success

Dental implants in Everett, WA have been known to be life-changing for many patients. When successful, they offer countless benefits for both your appearance and your dental health. A tooth implant will continue to stimulate your jaw so you don’t experience bone resorption, which maintains the shape of your face. It will also keep neighboring teeth from shifting into open gaps in your smile, and it allows you to chew your food easily and speak clearly. The bad news for smokers is that tobacco products can complicate treatment. Keep reading to see how quitting the habit can help ensure dental implant success.

Smoking is bad for you in just about every area of health, from your lungs to your heart and even your mouth. As great as dental implant treatment can be when it comes to improving your smile, not everyone is a candidate. People who smoke tend to experience lower success rates for dental implant treatment than people who don’t. If you’re a smoker, you’ll be more prone to infection after implant surgery. This can cause complications that can lead your new restoration to fail. Try to quit smoking and talk to your dentist about how it can help your treatment.

smoking - teeth

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