Answering Patient Questions About Dental Implants

Questions on Dental Implants

Dental implants in Everett, WA can overhaul your appearance and your oral health, but many people know very little about them and what they do. Although they can treat similar problems, dental implants and dentures are not quite the same. Dental implants tend to come with a few important benefits that dentures cannot offer. Not everyone is a candidate for dental implants, on the other hand, so you’ll need to meet with your dentist to find out if this treatment can help you. Read on for the answers to patient questions about dental implants. dental - implants

What are the benefits?

Every procedure that cosmetic dentistry offers has its benefits, but dental implants have a great deal of them. Thanks to modern technology, your dentist can give you dental implants that look extremely similar to your natural teeth. These implants will fuse to your bone and maintain the shape of your face, and they will take care of any gaps left behind by lost teeth. You can also take care of your dental implants the same way you would take care of your natural teeth, so proper dental hygiene is simple.

How are they different from dentures?

Many people who are missing several adult teeth turn to dentures for replacement. Although dental implant treatment may be more extensive, it can provide a range of benefits that other procedures cannot. Unlike dentures, dental implants will stay firm and still in your mouth—they will never slip or shift around in your mouth. Since dental implants are fixed to your mouth, you also don’t have to worry about taking them out and losing them.

Am I a good candidate?

In order to have a dental implant placed, you need to have enough existing bone mass in your jaw. Losing a tooth triggers a process called bone resorption and the longer you wait to have the tooth replaced, the more bone mass will have resorbed. If you don’t have much bone mass to work with, your dentist may be able to perform a bone graft. You can find out if you are an eligible candidate for dental implant treatment during your consultation.

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