• Laser Dentistry in Everett, WA

    Spotlight on Laser Dentistry

    Cosmetic dentistry in Everett, WA is constantly advancing, and at this point dentists can even use lasers to complete various treatments. This comes with a wealth of advantages, and many of them can be quite significant for patients’ experiences. Only qualified dentists should perform laser dentistry, but in doing so, they can help you avoid […]

  • Promoting Oral Health With Dental Implants

    How Dental Implants Can Promote Your Oral Health

    You might think cosmetic dentistry is all about enhancing your appearance, but certain treatments can also have an effect on your oral health. When you see your dentist for dental implants in Everett, WA, you can expect your oral health to improve along with your appearance and your self-esteem. Your dental implants will help to […]

  • Cosmetic Dental Procedures

    Cosmetic Dental Procedures That Can Restore Your Youthful Smile

    From teeth whitening to dental veneers in Everett, WA, there are all kinds of cosmetic dentistry treatments that can make you look and feel young again. Cosmetic dentistry seeks to enhance your appearance by cosmetically altering your teeth. Check out this video for a look at a few cosmetic dental procedures that can restore your […]

  • Questions on Dental Implants

    Answering Patient Questions About Dental Implants

    Dental implants in Everett, WA can overhaul your appearance and your oral health, but many people know very little about them and what they do. Although they can treat similar problems, dental implants and dentures are not quite the same. Dental implants tend to come with a few important benefits that dentures cannot offer. Not […]