Factors That Influence Your Candidacy for Dental Implants

Dental implants are a safe and effective cosmetic dentistry procedure for any patient who is missing a tooth. While dental implants are successful for nearly every patient who receives them, there may be factors that affect your ability to receive implants in your smile. A dental implants doctor in Everett will schedule a consultation with you before your dental implants are placed. During the consultation, your doctor will check to make sure that implants are the right choice for your health history and overall smile. Let’s review some factors that could influence your candidacy for dental implants. dental - implants

Extensive Bone Loss

In order to place a dental implant in your smile, your dentist needs to be able to fit the new tooth into your jawbone. If you have experienced serious bone loss around the implant site, your dentist may not be able to safely complete the procedure. Bone loss can be caused by periodontal disease or other advanced stage health problems in the mouth. Addressing your bone loss through bone grafting and other specialized procedures will help you restore your smile and return your teeth to healthy condition.

Smoking History

If you have a history of smoking, you may not be able to schedule a dental implant procedure until you have reduced or quit your tobacco use. Your dentist may want to ask you questions about your smoking history, including how much tobacco you ingest each day. A person with a history of smoking may need to explore alternatives to a dental implant procedure.

Current Medications

When you are on certain medications, you may need to wait until you have stopped taking the drug before you are able to set up your implant appointment. Medications that thin the blood or otherwise cause excessive bleeding could compromise the implant procedure. As you are consulting with your dentist about your implants, you will want to make sure that you disclose any medications that you are currently taking.

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