Could You Benefit from Sedation Dentistry?

Anxiety at the dentist’s office is a condition that affects patients of all ages. If you find that you get extremely nervous when you sit in the dentist’s chair, you may want to talk to your dentist in Everett about the benefits of sedation dentistry. Sedation can be used during any dental appointment, including cosmetic dentistry procedures and regular cleanings. With sedation dentistry, your dentist will provide you with a light sedation agent that will allow you to relax during your procedure. Read on for a look at some signs that sedation dentistry could be the right choice for you. sedation - dentistry

You Have Trouble Relaxing at the Dentist

If the mere thought of a trip to the dentist gives you anxiety, you may be a good candidate for sedation dentistry. Through light sedation, your dentist will be able to calm you down as he completes your procedure. Sedation can transform a stress-inducing trip to the dentist’s office into a safe, calm, and relaxing experience.

You Are Gearing Up for a Long Procedure

Sedation dentistry is also used in patients who are undergoing long and complicated dental procedures. When your dentist needs to perform a longer procedure, he may offer you sedation dentistry before he starts his work. Light sedation will ensure that you are comfortable throughout every portion of your long procedure. If you have TMJ or other jaw issues, sedation can also ensure your comfort when you are receiving work on your smile.

You Have Movement Control Considerations

Certain medical conditions can make it hard for a patient to control his or her movement during a dental appointment. The inability to control one’s movement can make it very difficult for a dentist to safely perform his or her work. Sedation dentistry can relax your muscles and nerves, and may help you achieve better movement control during your visit to the dentist. Be sure to ask your dentist whether sedation dentistry is the right choice for your health condition.

Factors That Influence Your Candidacy for Dental Implants

Dental implants are a safe and effective cosmetic dentistry procedure for any patient who is missing a tooth. While dental implants are successful for nearly every patient who receives them, there may be factors that affect your ability to receive implants in your smile. A dental implants doctor in Everett will schedule a consultation with you before your dental implants are placed. During the consultation, your doctor will check to make sure that implants are the right choice for your health history and overall smile. Let’s review some factors that could influence your candidacy for dental implants. dental - implants

Extensive Bone Loss

In order to place a dental implant in your smile, your dentist needs to be able to fit the new tooth into your jawbone. If you have experienced serious bone loss around the implant site, your dentist may not be able to safely complete the procedure. Bone loss can be caused by periodontal disease or other advanced stage health problems in the mouth. Addressing your bone loss through bone grafting and other specialized procedures will help you restore your smile and return your teeth to healthy condition.

Smoking History

If you have a history of smoking, you may not be able to schedule a dental implant procedure until you have reduced or quit your tobacco use. Your dentist may want to ask you questions about your smoking history, including how much tobacco you ingest each day. A person with a history of smoking may need to explore alternatives to a dental implant procedure.

Current Medications

When you are on certain medications, you may need to wait until you have stopped taking the drug before you are able to set up your implant appointment. Medications that thin the blood or otherwise cause excessive bleeding could compromise the implant procedure. As you are consulting with your dentist about your implants, you will want to make sure that you disclose any medications that you are currently taking.

Veneers 101

Veneers can provide you with a beautiful smile, no matter your age. In this video from the American Dental Association, you will learn about the benefits that veneers have to offer for your smile. Your dentist in Everett can use veneers to repair chipped, broken, or extremely stained teeth. Since your veneers will be customized to your smile, they will provide you with a natural and beautiful final result.

Your dental professional can provide you with additional information about your cosmetic dentistry options . Whether you are interested in dental implants or veneers, you will want to set up a consultation with your dentist so that you can learn more about the benefits of various treatment options.

A Patient’s Guide to Dental Implants in Everett, WA

Missing teeth aren’t only a cosmetic issue; they’re also problematic for your overall oral health. If you have missing teeth, the teeth adjacent to the gaps can shift out of position and affect the way your jaws come together. Missing teeth can also contribute to deteriorating bone mass of the jawbone. If you already have missing teeth or you’re expecting to have a tooth extraction soon, consider talking to a cosmetic dentist about dental implants . At a dental clinic in Everett, you can find out if this advanced type of teeth restoration could be right for you. dental implants


Patients who receive dental implants often rave about their many benefits. Unlike dentures, implants are permanently anchored to your jawbone. Since they aren’t removable, it’s easy to keep them clean. Simply brush them and floss just underneath the gum line, just as you would care for your natural teeth. Dental implants look exactly like real teeth—no one will know that you’ve undergone tooth extractions and restorations. Dental implants allow you to eat the foods you enjoy and speak naturally without fear that an oral appliance will pop out of place. And perhaps best of all, dental implants can help you maintain your oral health.


Many people with missing teeth are good candidates for dental implant procedures, but only your cosmetic dentist can determine this. It’s important to know that there is a risk that the dental implants will fail and need to be removed. This risk is elevated among patients who smoke, are in poor overall health, and those who do not follow good oral hygiene practices. Additionally, if your jawbone mass has already deteriorated, it may not be able to properly anchor an implant. Sometimes, this problem is correctable by undergoing oral surgery to rebuild the jawbone.


Dental implants require multiple dental office visits. First, you’ll have a consultation with the dentist. The dentist will examine your mouth, request some X-rays, and determine if dental implants are right for you. Then, you’ll have the implant placed within the jawbone . The area is left to heal for a while before the dentist can place an abutment on top of the implant. The abutment is then covered with a dental crown, which looks just like a natural tooth.