Essential Tips for Choosing a Dentist

Choosing a Dentist Tips

Consider whether you’re looking for a dentist for only yourself or whether you need to find a dental clinic that serves families as a whole.

A dentist who has attended a residency or has received advanced training after dental school will be knowledgeable in handling the unique conditions that children can present.

Dr. Michelle Steinhubel has attended a residency for a full year after dental school in which she worked with children of all ages. She has also received specialized training in early intervention orthodontics, space maintenance as well as pediatric restorations and prosthodontics.

If you select a dentist who works with patients of all ages, then you can handle your entire family’s dental care needs at the same clinic. We offer family appointments so that you and your family can be seen all at the same time. This not only makes things more convenient but allows young children see their parents and siblings demonstrate what goes on and how to act in the dental office. This makes it a better visit for every one and promotes a positive experience every time they come in. dentist