• Spotlight on Dental Crowns

    Spotlight on Dental Crowns

    Your dentist may recommend that you receive one or more dental crowns if you have severely damaged or aesthetically displeasing teeth. It’s common for residents of the Everett area to receive dental crowns because of weakened or fractured teeth, or because of poorly shaped or severely discolored teeth. A dentist may also apply a dental […]

  • Choosing a Dentist Tips

    Essential Tips for Choosing a Dentist

    Consider whether you’re looking for a dentist for only yourself or whether you need to find a dental clinic that serves families as a whole. A dentist who has attended a residency or has received advanced training after dental school will be knowledgeable in handling the unique conditions that children can present. Dr. Michelle Steinhubel […]

  • Preventing Tooth Decay

    Preventing Tooth Decay

    Tooth decay is a common oral health problem that is best addressed by a provider at a dental clinic in Everett. By seeing a dentist every six months for dental exams and cleanings, you can dramatically reduce the risk of developing tooth decay . Your dentist may recommend additional dental services to protect your teeth, […]